Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aperture Samus: Concept WIP

I am currently working on a concept for my 3D Portfolio of Samus Aran from the Metroid series, combined with the design of Portal 2. I am aiming for it to look as if Aperture Science designed and built the power suit that Samus is famous for, as I thought they would be great to mix together, while retaining the iconic aspects of both.

The final gun will probably be somewhat of a combination of the two versions you see here. Even though I will be reworking the visuals substantially, I like the ability of A to compress down into an oval like the turrets in Portal, but B is obviously the one that is further along. I’ll probably take the barrel of B, and put it into the shell of A, for the most part.

I still need to go in and refine a few more areas, and add some smaller details here and there before it’s finished, so I’ll do another update once that’s done.  I know some (or most) of my perspective is off, but hopefully you get the idea. Also, the shoulders are different sizes, as I am still working out what size they should be, and will nail that down when I go to refine that area.

In conclusion, huge thanks to Devon Cady-lee who helped me out in terms of brainstorming how everything should blend together, as well as for some incredible design discussion / direction!

Feel free to post any comments or critique below!